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With Wenty’s program, you can have:

1. Money

You can finally have Financial Freedom, and be able to manifest all the money you want.  

2. Love

As your personal awareness increases, you can become more capable of having HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS, and receive endless amounts of Love.

3. Personal Satisfaction

Your transformation begins quickly, and YOU CHANGE INTO THE PERSON YOU DREAM OF BEING.

Wenty’s Remarkable Journey Teaches You To:


  • Raise your vibration levels to attract the Money and Abundance you desire

  • Achieve Financial Freedom quickly and effortlessly

  • Expand your relationship with the Divine

  • Deepen your capacity for Love

  • Recognize your own Magnificence

  • Tap into the Energy of the Universe using quantum physics

  • Trust your life’s path and know what to do next

You become more accomplished, your anxieties fade away, your stress rapidly diminishes, and your health becomes stronger and better.

These can all be yours once you learn The Secrets of a Fairy Godmother™.

Wenty Hill, your personal Fairy Godmother, explains in her program why the life you want has eluded you so far. She also teaches you, in a simple and FUN way, what to do to release the Abundance that is now waiting and wanting to flood your life!

Everyone wants their very own Fairy Godmother, a happy spirit with magical abilities that can change your life instantly. This is what happens when you listen to Wenty and follow her advice.

Have you ever wondered why your Dreams haven’t come true?

Why the life you want hasn’t materialized yet?

There are reasons for this, and Wenty explains why. Most people are not living the Life of Their Dreams, are lonely, and struggling to just get by.

Wenty can fix that. When you read her remarkable new books, “The Secrets of a Fairy Godmother™, Dance of Abundance 1 and 2”, and you watch her videos you’ll quickly understand why you’ve been blocked from having the life you Really want.

You’ll know how to create the positive changes you desire so much, and how you can now REALLY live the Life of Your Dreams.

Through Wenty’s explanations, instructions, and clearings, your Door to Abundance can open, and you can receive the Gifts of the Universe, the gifts you truly deserve.

As human beings, it’s pretty easy to get caught up with unproductive beliefs, lifestyles and patterns.

We think life on Earth is normal, but it really isn’t.

And you’ll agree when you see Wenty’s point of view…

Once you realize, through Wenty’s eyes, what life Really is, you will have taken your first step toward changing your beliefs.

If your beliefs are holding you back, wouldn’t you want to know?

This is the key to having the Money

and Abundance you want!


This is an easy and FUN program.

By spending a little more time with each video, you can accelerate your progress and achieve your Abundance that much faster. Wenty’s second video, “Fun! Feelings! Results!”, sets the stage for the success you have long desired. This video teaches you how to train your mind to respond like millionaires’ minds do!

You also receive two remarkable ebooks.


Each ebook contains over 150 pages of information with additional details on how you can receive more money now. That’s a total of over 300 pages!

These two e-books are loaded with insights and the tools you can use now to access the Abundance of the Universe.

There are many amazing images and thoughtful reflections that cue your mind and adjust your emotional and spiritual energy levels. These two remarkable ebooks are only available through the Fairy Godmother website, whenever you login to your account.

Because these ebooks contain digital features, they only work correctly on the website. There are so many different software programs and hardware platforms today that we can only guarantee these books will be perfect for you by maintaining them on the website; this way, they will always be properly available when you want to read them. 

Normally, you could expect to pay $199 or more for a program with this much information.

These two videos and ebooks are bulging with information that can change your life and move you quickly into having The Life You’ve Always Wanted…the life you deserve…the Life of Your Dreams.

What would you pay for that?

If you knew your life and the lives of your Loved Ones would forever be changed for the better by learning and practicing this program’s insightful and magical information in a FUN and easy way…what would this be worth to you?

If you knew that the Doors of Abundance could swing open and you could finally access the wealth, prosperity, health, and love that you richly deserve…how eagerly would you pay for your new life?

Well, of course this program is not being sold for $199…even though it’s worth more than that. Besides, that’s not all you receive.

In addition to the 2 videos and the two e-books of over 300 pages, we are also offering:

  • Membership in The Fairy Godmother Network™

When you purchase “The Secrets of a Fairy Godmother™, Abundance 1” Program, you are automatically enrolled in this network. As a member, each month you receive The Secrets of a Fairy Godmother™ newsletter which provides a steady banquet of critically important (magical!) information designed to help you break through the remaining filters that are blocking you, and continually increase your abilities to clear your channels and welcome more and more Abundance into your life and the lives of your Loved Ones.

  • Discounts on Secrets of a Fairy Godmother products

You also receive discounts on Secrets of a Fairy Godmother™ products, and the other merchandise listed in the Special Gifts section of the website

This remarkable Program includes:


  • 2 videos with over an hour of presentation revealing Secrets from your Fairy Godmother on how to have more money now and receive the Abundance of the Universe that you deserve
  • A 2-volume set of ebooks with over 150 pages each (over 300 pages) that include more revealed secrets about unplugging your filters, and giving you the tools you need to tap into the Flow of the Universe
  • Membership in The Fairy Godmother Network™ so you can receive a monthly newsletter with new information that helps you achieve your Financial Freedom. Membership also provides discounts on Fairy Godmother merchandise, and other merchandise offered through the website

As a Charter Member, the introductory price is $49.

Because of the program’s immense value, this introductory price will soon be withdrawn and a more standard price will take its place. Of course, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. We’d like you to be one of our charter members by taking advantage of this exceptional introductory offer. As a charter member, you will receive charter member discounts on future Fairy Godmother Programs™ currently in development. Please join us! We know you and your Loved Ones will benefit enormously from the information in this first Fairy Godmother program!

Everything is Magical!