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Finances Got You Down?

Have Magical Results in the Real World !

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(Normally sold for $49, a $129 value)

Change Your Life IMMEDIATELY !

Here is Wenty...

Your Fairy Godmother!

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I so want to assist you in having Financial Freedom and Abundance

in ALL ways!


that I get to be in YOUR life!

Are you afraid to pick up your phone because you're avoiding debt collectors?

Are you frightened you can't pay your rent?

Want More Abundance?

If you knew your beliefs were holding you back from


wouldn’t you want to CHANGE THEM?

As human beings, it’s easy to get caught up with limiting beliefs and habit patterns.

We think life on Earth is normal, but...guess what? It really isn’t.

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Once you see life through Your Fairy Godmother’s eyes, you take your first step toward CHANGING YOUR BELIEFS.

Are you ready NOW to live the Life of Your Dreams?

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If So... THEN:

Yes! You need The Dance of Abundance Program.

Are you sick and tired of your financial situation?

Is it a    S-T-R-E-T-C-H  to take your whole family out to the movies … so you choose Netflix INSTEAD?

Do you delay paying some of your bills?

Does it seem that everyone ... BUT YOU ... is enjoying life?

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”

~ Albert Einstein

You deserve BETTER!


To get the results you want, you have to CHANGE YOUR BELIEFS...

Your Fairy Godmother will show you how!

Why Not Have Magical Results in the Real World?

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Wenty, Your Fairy Godmother, explains WHY the life you want has eluded you so far.

She also teaches you, in a simple and FUN way, what to do to Welcome the Abundance that is now waiting and WANTING TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE!

Everyone wants their very own Fairy Godmother, a happy spirit with magical abilities that can change your life INSTANTLY. This is what happens when you listen to Wenty and follow her suggestions.

Have you ever wondered why Your Dreams haven’t come true? Why the life you want hasn’t materialized yet? There are reasons for this, and Wenty explains why...and what you can do about it.

Most people are not living the Life of Their Dreams. 

Are you struggling to just get by?

Wenty can fix that. When you read her remarkable new Ebooks, Dance of Abundance 1 and 2, and you watch her two videos, you’ll quickly understand why you’ve been blocked from having the Lifestyle YOU REALLY WANT.

THEN you’ll know how to Create the Positive Changes you Desire, and how you can now REALLY live the Life of Your Dreams.

Through Your Fairy Godmother’s explanations and instructions, Your Door to Abundance can OPEN, and you can RECEIVE the Gifts of the Universe, the gifts YOU truly DESERVE.

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Here are what some people are saying about Your Fairy Godmother:

“Wenty is a Fairy Godmother, a Shaman and a Medicine Woman all rolled into one. Thanks so much for showing me the way.” Dr. Ann M.

“Thanks for doing such important work in the world !” Jael P.

“If you ever wanted your own personal God-given angel, you couldn’t be more honored than to have Wenty in your corner, cheering you on to greater joy and authenticity.” Tim N.

“I’ve been thinking back over this past year and all of the “changes” which have occurred. All I think is “Oh My God…she changed my life”. Thank you for all of your help, guidance, and support.” Maryellen K.

Order The Dance of Abundance Program and receive a set of five transformational tools that accelerate your growth:


Over 300+ pages of life-changing information

Inspirational messages

Supercharged Videos to impact your evolutionary experience

All Zapped with Magical Fairy Godmother Energy!

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2 VIDEOS with:

... over 60 minutes of information by Wenty which establishes an energetic connection that delivers an experiential impact...

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You also become a Charter Member of the Fairy Godmother Network and receive a Monthly Members-only Newsletter full of information that supports you on your new path of growth, and Special Discounts on merchandise and gifts that continually remind you of the Love and Abundance You Deserve !

The Ebooks and videos easily download to your phone or laptop for daily review and inspiration.

ALSO, by ordering now, as a Special Gift before this offer changes, you will receive a 40-page Bonus Ebook called THIS OR BETTER that teaches you how to use a unique tool to increase your Abundance…one of the many strategies Wenty uses to direct energy as a Fairy Godmother.

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As a Charter Member, the 2 Ebooks, the 2 Videos, and the Bonus Ebook are available now at the Introductory Price of $29.

We’d like you to be one of our charter members by taking advantage of this exceptional introductory offer with its 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Please join us as we learn, work and play together to make this a better world as we improve the Quality of Life for Ourselves and our Loved Ones!

You and they will LOVE the information in this Fairy Godmother program! 

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NOW is the time to start your new life...The Life of Your Dreams…with all the Money and Abundance you could ever want!

YES ! You Can Have It All !

The Dance of Abundance Program comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you’re not pleased with The Dance of Abundance Program for any reason, you can cancel and receive a full refund.

Get the 2 full-color Ebooks, the 2 Videos and the Bonus Ebook now so you can welcome MAGIC and MONEY in your life today.

Have Magical Results in the Real World !


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Living Your Dream Life: Video
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