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Earn 60% Commission!


Affiliate Marketing Tips

We want You to earn lots of money!

We want You to earn GIANT commissions!

  • Sell 10 Programs, earn $294. 
  • Sell 50 Programs, earn $1,470. 
  • Sell 100 Programs, earn $2,940.

You can now earn money AND build a strong community based on making a difference.

  • With your affiliate link, you will earn a 60% commission for every sale made through your link.
  • Ask your friends to share your link in their social media and make serious income.
  • Let your social network know about our Program and products.



For now, we are only offering the $49 Program, which is:

    • 2 videos with over 1 hour of presentation


    • 2 multimedia ebooks: Volumes 1 and 2, over 300 pages


    • Access to the Fairy Godmother Network™


    • Monthly newsletter with special (magical!) information


  • Product discounts on Fairy Godmother gifts, and other products

Other products available very soon!


Marketing Tools

  • The Fairy Godmother website.
  • The “Magical Results!” video on the home page.
  • The free ebook “This or Better!”


Share Your 60% and Make Even More Money!

Offer to split your 60% commission with friends or people who can make more sales. When others work with you, you will increase your own revenue with less effort, and make your friends very happy!


Your Market

Market to large groups of people and networks:

  • Facebook groups on self-development, spirituality, abundance, money, etc.
  • Editors or publishers of online newsletters.
  • Businesses with large email lists of customers like bookstores, New Age stores, magazines, and health practitioners.
  • People with large Facebook or Twitter followings.
  • Your business newsletter.

Speak to the person in charge and let them know you have a new product their customers will benefit from knowing about, and really enjoy.

Ask this leader to promote the Fairy Godmother Program by advertising WITH YOUR AFFILIATE LINK.

Please contact us as needed. We want to help you earn big commissions!


Remember…Everything is Magical!


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