About The Dance of Abundance Program

The Dance of Abundance Program™ is a remarkable program of books and videos designed to assist people who are desiring more in their lives. Most people live typical lives, and feel the absence of a deep sense of fulfillment. People often feel there’s more to life than what they are experiencing, but don’t know what the missing piece is, or how to find it. Wenty, your Fairy Godmother, helps you understand what’s blocking you from creating the Life of Your Dreams, and enjoying the life you so richly deserve. Wenty’s main purpose for The Dance of Abundance Program™ is to assist people with experiencing transformation from a life of uncomfortable discontent to a life of deep satisfaction, showered with the abundance of unlimited money, love, and health.

About Wenty, Your Fairy Godmother


Wenty Hill is an internationally recognized intuitive transformation consultant chosen as one of the top four healers and channels by the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Wenty has 30+ years’ experience on TV, radio, and has been featured in the Boston Globe and the New York Times. Wenty has given hundreds of workshops on a wide variety of subjects: prosperity, relationships, getting and staying married, and health…all in a Magical way. Wenty’s work has been successful with thousands of people worldwide. Wenty now lives in the Pacific Northwest, close to the snow-capped Cascade Mountains overlooking Puget Sound and the beautiful city of  Vancouver, British Columbia.

Wenty has had the good fortune of meeting hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world, and this amazing experience has provided the insight to understand people and their concerns, as well as the blessings in their lives. Wenty has seen it all, and she is a wise and caring soul, full of love and compassion with a desire to share her knowledge and intuitive abilities with you. You could not hope for a more collaborative and compassionate companion to join you on your journey and help you reach your life’s desires.

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