Affiliate Marketing Tips

Hi, and welcome!

We are delighted you’d like to be one of our affiliates. We believe this is an excellent opportunity for you to earn great commissions by selling the Fairy Godmother program.

As you know, you will earn a 60% commission on every program sold with your affiliate link. Our SFGM™ Program is currently selling for $29.00, so you earn $17.40 for every program sold through your affiliate link. Here are some figures to consider:

Sell 10 Programs, earn $174.

Sell 50 Programs, earn $870.

Sell 100 Programs, earn $1,740.

As you can see, the commissions can add up very nicely!

We’d like to cover some important topics with you, and here are the details.

Affiliate Process

Our process is the same as other affiliate programs. When you contact a prospective customer and they want to purchase a Program, they must buy the Program by clicking on your affiliate link.

Only products sold using your affiliate link will be credited to your account, so it’s important that you let your prospects know they must click your link to purchase. Orders received without your affiliate link will not result in a commission for you.

Therefore, as you reach out to your market and social groups, always use your affiliate link as the path for your prospects to follow.

Your link was assigned to you, and it is located on the “Affiliate Area” page. Your affiliate link (referral URL) should look like this:

“Your referral URL is:  https://www.secretsofafairygodmother.com/?ref=XXX”

The three XXXs at the end will be a number, or numbers, instead of the XXXs.

Always use this link when promoting Fairy Godmother products!

When a prospect clicks on your link and then makes a purchase, the sale is registered to your affiliate account, and you earn a 60% commission!


At present, we are only offering affiliates the $29.00 Program, which is composed of:

  • 2 Videos with over 90 minutes of presentation
  • 2 Enhanced Ebooks: Volumes 1 and 2, over 300 pages
  • 1 Bonus ebook: This or Better!
  • Access to the Fairy Godmother Network™
  • Monthly newsletter with special (magical!) information
  • Product discounts on Fairy Godmother gifts and other products

We will have other products available very soon, and we will let you know as they become ready. You will earn 60% commission on those products as well.

Even so, you will earn the best commissions by selling the Program, and we recommend the Program as your primary focus.

Your Market

We believe the best way for you to earn big commissions is by marketing to large groups of people. Here are some recommendations for finding a great market:

Look for Facebook groups on self-development, spirituality, abundance, money, etc.

Consider approaching editors or publishers of online newsletters that cater to the same types of groups.

Many businesses in these categories have large email lists of customers, such as bookstores, New Age stores, magazines, and health practitioners in massage, chiropracty, or acupuncture.

Approaching catalogs, websites, retreats, etc. is another excellent venue to pursue.

You may know influential people with large Facebook or Twitter followings.

Also, if you have your own business, newsletter, or magazine, advertise to your customers.

Of course, also tell your friends and your social groups. When you enlist their support in getting the word out, your reach increases when friends tell friends.

The key to getting started quickly is locating large groups of people who have an interest in the material we offer in the Fairy Godmother Program.

Once you have identified a large group that might be interested, speak to the person in charge and let them know you have a new product their followers, subscribers, or customers will benefit from knowing about, and really enjoy.

Ask this leader to promote the Fairy Godmother Program by advertising, and using your affiliate link.

Accelerate Your Commissions

You might consider sharing your commissions with the leader of the large group (business, magazine, website, Facebook leader) to secure their continued marketing support.

By having more people marketing for you, you increase your reach and the potential for magnified commissions. Having 10 people marketing for you is better than doing all the marketing yourself. This is a rapid way to expand your market reach, your sales, and your commissions.

You can decide how to split your 60% commission. You could keep 50% and offer the other 10%, or split 70 – 30 … or any split you feel will work to advance your marketing.

The SFGM™ affiliate program will only pay the 60% commission to the affiliate whose link is connected to the sale, so when you receive your biweekly commission, it is up to you to divide the commission however you arranged it with your associates.

In effect, you can go into business for yourself!

Marketing Tools

Perhaps the best tool available to you is the Fairy Godmother website. Become familiar with the website, watch the two videos on the Home page, acquire and read the free ebook “This or Better!”… This information will give you all the important details you need to approach and excite your prospects.

We will soon have more marketing tools to support your sales. In the meantime, a terrific idea is using the resources on www.fiverr.com . You will find many talented designers and marketers here who can create a compelling sales flyer for you that uses your affiliate link; this flyer can then be posted on websites, or sent as an attachment with emails you send, etc.

Also, please let us know if there is something you could use to help your marketing, and we will consider developing it.

Please contact us as needed. We want to support your enthusiasm and help you earn giant commissions!

You can email an administrator at SecretsofaFairyGodmother@gmail.com.

Thank you and Have Some Fun Out There!

Remember…Everything is Magical!


Daniel: 360-650-0671