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As you can see, we are promoting a high quality program that teaches people how to be in touch with the Divine energy within each of us. This creates healthy, kind, and compassionate relationships between people so we can all live together in peace, and in the Abundance that is everywhere around us.

The “Dance of Abundance Program” teaches how to become aware of this inner wisdom, strength, and wealth so the Abundance that pours through the energy of the Universe can be tapped and manifested in your life, and in everyone’s life. It’s like plugging your toaster into the wall; the toaster can then receive the electric current. If the toaster isn’t plugged in, the toaster won’t work. It’s the same with YOU. When you know how to “plug in”, you can draw from the power of the Universe, or the Divine Mind, or whatever you wish to call “It”. The “Dance of Abundance Program” teaches how to connect!

“The Dance of Abundance Program” is $29 and YOU receive $17.40 with each sale made through your link – a surprising 60% Commission!

This program is $29 and contains:

  • 2 Ebooks*: Two enhanced color ebooks with embedded videos, volumes 1 and 2, with over 300+ pages of information teaching about creating Abundance in your life, with inspiring photos and poetry. These ebooks explain how to shed limitations and prepare yourself energetically to receive the flow of Abundance which is always available to you.
  • 2 Videos*: Two videos, over 90 minutes. The Grand Illusion and Living Your Dream Life features Wenty, your Fairy Godmother, explaining how to be free of limited thinking, and how to FEEL and develop your connection to the Real World and the Abundance waiting to pour into your life.
  • Bonus Ebook: “This or Better”*: This bonus ebook gives you a little trick to increase your Abundance and allow the Universe to deliver every penny you deserve!
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