The Secrets of a Fairy Godmother FAQs

1. What exactly will I learn in the program?

In the Dance of Abundance Program you will learn that you have filters blocking the flow of energy to you. The abundance you deserve and the Life of Your Dreams can’t come through to you as long as these filters block the flow.

2. Why do I have filters?

Most people have filters. These filters are a result of what you learned as a child and what the mass culture wants you to believe. This is explained more fully in the Program.

3. How can I eliminate the filters?

First, you have to know a bit more about them so you can avoid any future programming that comes your way.

Second, you must become familiar with the tools and practices the Fairy Godmother presents in the Program’s books and videos.

Third, your Fairy Godmother can clear your channels so your energy flows freely again.

4. How does my Fairy Godmother do this?

Your Fairy Godmother has created this program at a level of vibration that carries her intentions to unblock your energy and release the flow. The energy is contained within the sound of Wenty’s voice as you watch and listen to the videos, and channeled through the words in her books.

5. Will all the gifs in the three ebooks play when I download the ebooks to my computer or cell phone?

We think so! The gifs are designed to function on a variety of technical platforms, but technology isn’t perfect and some gifs may not. The gifs are intended as entertainment and if they don’t function on your media devices, you will not miss anything important. The value of the Dance of Abundance Program is in the written material; the visual material is solely decorative.

If you choose to purchase a printed book, you may order a black and white book version, or an in-color book version, but the printed books won’t have video or gif capability. They are still great books, however…just not as visually powerful as the enhanced ebooks.