The Dance of Abundance Program


($199 Value)

This Program has changed lives, and in BIG ways.

Now it can change YOUR LIFE, and increase the Flow of Your Abundance and Money!

The Dance of Abundance Program includes:

  • 2 color ebooks, volumes 1 and 2, with over 300+ pages. These ebooks explain how to shed limitations and prepare yourself energetically to receive the flow of abundance that surrounds you.
  • 2 videos, over 60+ minutes of presentation. The two videos, The Grand Illusion and  Living Your Dream Life, feature Wenty, your Fairy Godmother, explaining how to free yourself from limited thinking, and how to feel and develop your connection to the Real World and the abundance waiting to pour into your life.
  • The bonus ebook, This or Better. This gift ebook tells you a little trick you can use to increase your abundance and allow the Universe to deliver every penny you deserve!
  • Access to the Fairy Godmother Network™. You are entitled to participate in the Network and receive a steady flow of information that supports your personal growth and increased Abundance. Get and stay in The Flow!
  • Monthly newsletter with special (magical!) information. Every month you’ll receive our newsletter with more information, tips and insights on how to expand your ever-growing abilities to attract and retain abundance in your life.
  • Product discounts on Fairy Godmother gifts and other products. As new products become available, you’ll be able to purchase them at your special member discount. Discounts vary by product.

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