“Wenty is a Fairy Godmother, a Shaman and a Medicine Man all rolled into one. Thanks so much for showing me the way.”

Dr. Ann Massion, Worcester, Massachusetts

“In less than one hour, Wenty effected change for me that my other counselor had not been able to facilitate in more than ten hours of consultations.”

Brita A.

“It is my great pleasure to thank you again for your presence, your kind consideration, your sharing, your support and your wonderful advice on how to lead a better life.”

Andre D.

“From a puddle of chaos, Wenty helped me become succinct, joyous, grateful, sleek, proficient, effective, fun, sparkly and clear.”

Joy G.

“I recommend you to everyone!”

Elizabeth S.

“If you ever wanted your own personal God-given angel, you couldn’t be more honored than to have Wenty in your corner, cheering you on to greater joy and authenticity.”

Tim N.

“Wenty’s intuitive coaching is very valuable. She zeros in on areas that need work and gives practical suggestions for clearing patterns and ideas that no longer serve. She is kind and patient, and I can highly recommend her!”

Rev. Meredith L.

“I have to tell you how well I feel and how grateful I am to you. The work you did was excellent.  This is a service and a gift you have.  I feel more energy and greater clarity as a result of our time together.”

Jon T.

“Thanks for your help. Your support, words of wisdom and bright shiny lights have helped me through a very difficult time. I am so grateful to have you in my life.”

Joe D.

“May I never forget how abundant my life would not be without your efforts on my behalf…. ”

John G.

“I light up with Excitement and Gratitude in your presence.  You are such a bundle of Magical Wonder. How I love you and your attitude and love.  Your work really Does Work!  Thank you, for everything, especially my new happy life.”

Ralph P.

“Wenty opened the door to financial abundance in my life immediately!”

Mia M

” It was one on the most powerful healings I’ve ever had.”

Morgana R.

“Wenty has provided me with cutting edge coaching. My business has grown three times in size this year. It has been a thrill to work with her and also a whole lot of fun.”

Styron W.

“Wenty wasn’t afraid to tell me what I needed to hear even when I didn’t always want to hear it!  She could see things in me I couldn’t see in myself. She is truly magic!”

Marie D.

“When I met you, I felt as if I’d come home.”

Grant B.

“I’ve been thinking back over this past year and all of the “change” which has occurred.  All I think is “Oh My God…”.  Thank you for all of your help, guidance, and support.”

Maryellen K.

“Thanks for doing such important work in the world!”

Jael P.

“I simply can’t say enough good things about Wenty, and just wanted to emphasize how fortunate I feel to have worked with her. Wenty is a jewel!”

Georgia C.